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Sean Spicer
  Sean Spicer Doesnt Rule Out Additional Changes to Health Care Bill  CSPAN  March 21, 2017 1:56pm-2:16pm EDT

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thought we were supposed to be able to get our money because i've been working since i was 16, i'm over 70 now and there was always this thing called the third rail that fica tax or whatever and they put it in the special part or segment or whatever but they weren't supposed to touch that money.that money was supposed to be like money in the bank to get interest so who's the person that touched the third rail and took all our money? >> the judges hearing is ongoing and i'm going to keep this a little on the shorter side today. the president is making a full day of progress toward some of his biggest accomplishments for the american people.
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he met with the house republican conference members on capitol hill and to schedule a bill on the american healthcare act which is scheduled for thursday. during the meeting, the president reminded members of the house conference that repealing and replacing obamacare has been a promise republicans have been making to voters for years. members made it clear if the voters a clear that they put republicans in thewhite house , the republican majority in the house and senate, we would repeal and replace the ill-advised legislation and for every member who pledged to the american people they would deliver on their promise, this is their chance. this is the repeal of obamacare republicans have been working on for years and voters have been waiting for this for some time. as the house gathers and cast their vote for the aca, it will be four years after president obama signed obamacare into law. we're hoping to make this the
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last anniversary under obamacare. republicans have working to repeal and replace this law ever sense and now under president trump we will finally be able to take the step forward toward fundamental reform of our healthcare system. most americans remember the line that we used was use to sell obamacare seven years ago. if you like your doctor, keep your doctor. if you like your plan, keep your plan. but for millions of americans, those lines proved to be nothing more than empty promises their families had relied on for years were canceled. demons and deductibles skyrocketed leaving many who had plans unable to use them. and insurers fled the marketplace nearly one in five americans only have one insurer offering plans under obamacare exchange.
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president trump and republicans in congress will keep their promise by reforming the system once and for all. that's exactly what we are doing with the american healthcare act which along with the administrative action that is part of this three-pronged approach that we continue to outline will give all americans the healthcare system they deserve where market-based competition makes it more affordable, higher quality healthcare opportunities. this is an ongoing process and congress should be open to policy proposals that have been suggested by members in both chambers who share their commitment to improving the health care system. the house introduced several policy amendments to the legislation last night which the president acknowledged on capitol hill this morning. they include delivering more immediate relief from obamacare's taxes, accelerating the repeal of these taxes from 2017 rather than 2018 and ensuring americans who paid taxes can reclaim their hard-earned dollars from the irs. it's making it easier for americans to deduct more of their cost of their medical expenses, protecting life right prohibiting taxpayer dollars to insurance insurance plans that cover abortion, getting states additional flexibility for their medicare program, helping traditional adult and
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children maintain baseline funding for elderly and disabled population. >> must be taken care of. after he returned to the white house speaking to the republican conference the president received his daily intelligence briefing and signed s 442, the nasa administration in this another revision act of 2017 acting on another of the president's most ambitious promises to the american people, many recall the president said, quote, american footprint on
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distant worlds are not too big of a dream. with this bill he is taking the latest step toward making that dream a reality by reiterating nasa's into a sure america remains a leader in space exploration. this partisan bicameral legislation provides nasa to put it needs to fulfill this and any other important missions including supporting nasa's plan to explore deep space and sending astronauts to mars including an endorsement of launching the mars 2020 rover. the rover will explore sites likely to have been habitable seeking side of past life and testing compelling samples, techniques for future robotic and human exploration of mars, reaffirming nasa remains a fully multi-mission agency with a balanced set of core missions in space science, space technology, human spaceflight, exploration and education, endorsing nasa's
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continued promise of launching the james webb space telescope, a giant leap forward in our ever evolving quest to understand the universe and establishing an astronaut occupational health care program, something nasa has considered a priority for years. after the bill signing, vice president announced the president will be taking action to relaunch the national space council which the vice president will chair. the president will find the new bi into law so nasa can continue its work to making america the world leader in space exploration once again. this morning the president hosted the vice president hosted a breakfast meeting with prime minister awadi of iraq, provided a readout of the prime minister yesterday and there has been a readout of the vice president as well. at 3:00 pm this afternoon the president will meet with members of congress who are part of the house tuesday group to discuss the american healthcare act and the president will speak at the national republican congressional committee. on the senate side, and neil
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gorsuch doing a phenomenal job during his first day of questioning. the judge's eloquent testimony was praise from both sides of the aisle and it is clear everyone agrees from a broad spectrum neil gorsuch is a qualified person to serve on the supreme court. make sure every person or rich, my dear week get people protection under the law. throughout his entire career continuing to prove he is the type of jurists we need on the supreme court, questioning started today. today is national agriculture day for those keeping note. the world needs america's farmers and ranchers to lead as the world needs america to lead. global food demand will increase by% to 97%, the world can't afford american farmers and ranchers to retreat. the agriculture industry met its share of challenges in recent
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years while our farmers, margins have been tightening, multiplying and exports, historically countered one fifth of us farm producon have been declining due to unwise trade policies which the president promised manpeople in the agriculture industry and throughout rural america he would not allow this to continue and will continue to pursue policy changes that will reverse this trend. i was asked about north korea and i want to provide a quick update, the united states in coordination with our allies is exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures in response to grave industry-leading threat posed by new -- north america have nuclear and ballistic missile program. before i open up for questions let me run through a few scheduling updates. tomorrow the president. by the women healthcare panel hosted by cms administrator burma for a series of meetings with members
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of congress tomorrow, the president will meet with members to discuss american healthcare act and in the afternoon will meet with congressional members of the congressional black caucus. on thursday the president will have lunch with steve mnuchin before hosting a meeting with truckers and representatives from trucking companies on healthcare we discussed yesterday in many states throughout the country, trekking happens to be one of the largest employers to understand the impact of healthcare legislation on this important industry. updates on the weekend schedule hopefully tomorrow and yesterday pursuant to the president's executive order on forstmann's signs january 25th us immigration and customs enforcement, ice released its first weekly list of detainer requests which local law enforcement agencies failed to comply with. these examples were criminal illegals arrested or convicted in many cases of serious and violent crime threatening public safety, law enforcement is
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refusing to cooperate with ice and efforts to remove illegal immigrants who committed a crime. it is part of the president's to your efforts to keep the community safe with a copy of this report is on the ice website for details all of the municipalities where there has been an issue and the crime that has been committed and the present's name, the offense they were convicted for and with that, i will take questions. since we are talking supreme court, john roberts. come on. that was good. >> samuel alito in the audience. on healthcare, the president keep away from capitol hill sounding pretty positive about where he was going to go on thursday and on heritage action, was going to occur to members to vote no plus taking up ads attacking bill, still a bad
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bill. this is going to go to a vote day after tomorrow. what the president the sense of optimism he can get this through and might he request more changes from speaker ryan before it goes to a vote? >> we talked about this for days. there has been a lot of input from members of congress and think the meeting this morning really was a huge sign of support. there was a lot of diaz event optimism, not just for the bill itself but something as i noted conservatives and republicans and a lot of democrats are fighting for for a while which is a more patient centric healthcare system. the president continued to engage with numbers and will continue to do that through thursday. as i also noted there are changes that were made for the speaker last night, additional legislation, 3-pronged approach we talked about in the past to actually make sure members
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understood comprehensive nature, this is one vehicle, and administrative piece that secretary price will administer that was given to him, and and you can unwind a lot of that and a lot of consumer base, competition measures. all the other stuff we talked about is republicans, expanding health savings accounts, etc. all of that has been introduced as well and i he continues to meet with members and walk away with a very domestic deal where the bill is headed. a lot of the measures that have been changed and updated have assuaged members who had concerns from additional funding. if you are a conservative who
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has been fighting for repeal and replace this is your chance. if you are a conservative looking to address out-of-control entitlement spending, this is the first attempt, the first reform of an entitlement program which conservative principles we are fighting for. the competition in the bill, the ability to allow choice to go up, nothing more conservative in this bill, as members continue to talk about ideas, and the principles of it, we feel very good going into a final strategy. >> more changes in order to further assuage -- >> we made some positive steps forward. i don't want to rule anything out but i will say i feel good about this. the more and more members meet with the president, they understand how important it is
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to the overall agenda we are seeking to pass. if you can repeal obamacare, replace it with a healthcare system that does what conservatives didn't democrats have talked about for years that does exactly -- drive down costs, allow people to get care they were promised and get on things like tax reform. and an amazing first year in office and the president, this is the first step in an amazing agenda that he set forth and we can work together on. >> talking about the stock market, how the administration is performing, the stock market has been off 200 points on the tao. some commentators on wall street suggest that is because traders are sensing lack of progress in the trump legislative agenda worrying he might not be able to accomplish everything he set out to do. that the president believe the
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dip in the tao as a result of his performance as president of the united states? >> any one day is nothing we have cautions, overall continues to be up tremendously and you look at not just that one indicator, you probably know better than anybody what you guys cover, that you can't look at one indices and say that is the benchmark of an entire economy but small business and other surveys that show continued confidence in the market and optimism in the market, you see manufacturers coming back to america talking about investments, ceos a small busisses growing economy and talking about job creation, those are the real indicators. the numbers last month, one month a record but very promising not just because of what the number was but what it is forecast to be. expected to be 200,000 came in
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at 235 so when you are overperforming i think that shows a sign of optimism in the market. i just to make sure we are clear before we continue through the month, one report is not something to base an entire record on. we feel very good about where things are headed and the direction the going not just in terms of indices but the up and down of the market but also in terms of the number of manufacturers stating their commitment to grow jobs, expand in the market. is confidence president trump will get a tax-cut done? >> we are well on our way to seeing this agenda done which i think reaffirmed his commitment to austerity and the priorities he set out defending this country, making the increases in national defense and homeland security promised prioritizing other things in the budget, we
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have obamacare done on immigration, executive order to the wise. when doing big things, obamacare, tax reform, the health care system is the fifth of the economy. it is no small fee. in terms of what you have seen so far going for three committees. and neil gorsuch, the agenda is moving at a brisk pace in terms of what his priorities were and where we are headed. >> talking about the carbon tax which was discussed in meeting this at the white house was we are hearing reports of the lively internal debate, gary cohen might be more prone to that. can you discuss is the president considering a carbon tax? what are the variables going on? >> there is robust debate going on with respect to comprehensive tax reform.
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as we mentioned our goal is to get to thursday. that is what the president talked about publicly. we need to get obamacare repealed and replaced and moved on to tax form and the trade reviews we talked about, immigration, a lot othings, won'mment on specific promise of that but there are a lot of people who recognize we haven't had comprehensive tax reform since 1986 and there are a lot of pieces in this that we need to examine and get to and a lot of voices and opinions that get shared with him and i am not in a position to get into commenting on piecemeal on where it is but i will say, getting past thursday. look at the week ahead, repeal and replace aspects, neil gorsuch from the legislative standpoint, is a pretty big week for the white house to see this done.
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>> president trump indicated, pro-life judges who would overturn roe versus wade. the testimony today, neil gorsuch said he would have walked out the door president trump asked if he had this position. is president trump still confident neil gorsuch would be willing to overturn roe versus wade? >> live coverage of the briefing will continue on take you life to the senate floor for gavel to gavel coverage on c-span2. res. 69. the presiding officer: which the clerk will report. the clerk: providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8, title 5 of united states code and so forth. the presiding officer: the question occurs on the motion to he proceed. all those in favor say aye. all opposed, say no. the ayes appear to have it. the ayes do have it. the motion is agreed to. the clerk will report. the clerk: providing for congressional disapproval under